New Kindles Coming This Year: Barnes & Noble recently issued a new e-ink Nook, The Nook Simple Touch With Glow Light. And that e-reader is the first e-ink e-reader (i.e. black text on a light gray screen) to offer a “front lit,” or built in lighting system, so you don’t  have to buy an extra clamp on light to use with the reader and you don’t have to sit next to a lamp to be able to read. And now Amazon is getting ready to add to the e-ink reader with front lighting arena by issuing a new e-ink Kindle that will also feature a front lit lighting system. The new e-ink Kindle is slated to go on sale in July and is as of yet unnamed. And in addition, Amazon is expected to issue a larger Kindle tablet, bigger than the Kindle Fire, this fall – just in time for holiday season.

Here’s a link to a Reuters article titled Amazon aims to launch front-lit Kindle in July that offers more information on these exciting upcoming e-readers:

The First Black & White Digital Camera: The British company Leica has just announced it is issuing a new digital black and white camera called the M-Monochrom. This new camera will be made specifically to take black and white photos and unlike regular digital cameras, that you can manipulate to produce black and white photos; this camera is supposed to offer clearer photos that will show very fine details because it is made to capture pixels in black and white as compared to capturing pixels in color and then eliminating some of those captured pixels, the color pixels, in order to create black and white photos as a regular (color) digital camera does. Of course this first mainstream digital black and white camera is probably just going to suit professional photographers because of the price – it is being issued in the U.K. for £6120 which translates to about $10,000 American dollars! However, eventually we’ll likely see a consumer priced digital black and white camera and that is exciting!

Here’s a link to a MSNBC article titled Leicas Newest Full Frame Digital First to Shoot Only Black and White that gives more details on the subject:

Linda R.  

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