iPhone as a Tool for the Blind: The iPhone has become a great tool for the blind. There are iPhone apps that greatly assist blind individuals in being even more self-sufficient.  These apps include VizWiz which allows the iPhone user to take a photo of clothing they have selected and then relays to  them what color clothing they are about to put on, LookTel Money Reader which will scan paper money and tell the holder if they are holding a ten or a twenty etc. and SendrosGPS which tells the phone holder which street they are on and what the nearest cross street are.

Notable, one has to turn on the VoiceOver Accessibility function on the iPhone (and iPad too) to set the iPhone up for usage by the blind – that can be done by tapping on the Settings app which also allows one to increase the size of apps so that the visually impaired can see the information displayed on an iPhone or iPad screen more clearly.

Here’s a link to an Atlantic article titled How the Blind are Reinventing the iPhone that discusses the topic in more depth:


New Microsoft Xbox with Kinect For $99: Microsoft is issuing a new $99 Xbox with Kinect. The Xbox, for those of you who may not be familiar with it, is a gaming consoling and Kinect is a full body motion sensor game controller. And the Xbox allows you to play games with others via the Internet and stream videos from Netflix, Hulu Plus and other media companies to that large screen HDTV in your living room.

And the low price is due to the fact that this promotion is rather like a smart phone promotion – you have to sign a two year contract and pay $15 per month subscription fee to the Xbox gaming service to get the low price for the gaming console and Kinect controller.  However, for those who’d like to dip their toes into the combo online gaming and streaming video pool – the price may just be right.

Here’s a link to a Washington Post article, titled $99 Xbox console with Kinect may launch next week, but there’s a catch, on the subject:


Linda R.

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