iPads Replacing Cash Registers

The advancing technology is continuing change the way we live. Consider the point-of-sale system that most businesses use today. If you go to a restaurant or pick out something to buy at a store then when you actually pay for the item you have to use a small touch screen to enter your credit or debit card information (by sliding the card through the machine) or even just to press the cash button to indicate that you are paying with cash – that system is considered a point-of-sale system. And many small businesses are now leaving that “old” touch-screen point-of-sale system behind and beginning to use tablets like the iPad combined with the power of cloud computing to allow them to more cheaply swipe a person’s credit card and take their payment. Our local Civic Music does this! If you go to the next Civic Music concert this weekend, the last one in the series for this year, and want to buy a subscription for the 2012-2013 Civic Music season watch how they process your transaction at the customer service desk – they’ll have their iPads handy!


Here’s a link to a Read Write Mobile article on this very subject should you like to know more about it!




Linda R.



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