The Library’s Digital Catalog: New digital content is about to be added to the Library’s Digital Catalog!

The Digital Catalog, for those not familiar with it, may be accessed via the Library’s website found at WWW.SSCLIBRARY.ORG and currently shows E-Books and E-Audio Books that may be downloaded and enjoyed on a variety of devices like PCs, smart phones and tablets.

And notably, the Digital Catalog is actually a collective effort. All the member libraries of the Southern Tier Library System may purchase content for the catalog and all patrons of all libraries in the system may check out E-Books and E-Audio Books. And later today the catalog will show two new formats –Videos and Music. The video and music holdings will be added to the Digital Catalog on a monthly basis and will offer library patrons movies to watch and music to listen in addition to the already available E-Books and E-Audio Books.

Here’s a link to the Library’s Digital Catalog where those formats will appear later today:

Imagine Your Virtual Future  Self: NPR offers a neat article today titled Your (Virtual) Future Self Wants You To Save Up. The article has a tech side and practical side as it discusses the process for taking a look at what you’ll look like in 20-30 years by having an actual photo of yourself digitally aged so you get a glimpse into the future and see what you might look like at age 70 or 80. This aging photo process is a means to an end of getting people to save more money to live on in their retirement years. It seems that younger people don’t save enough money towards retirement in large part because they can’t visualize what their older selves will be like. So in essence, young people feel as if they are being asked to save money to assist a stranger and not themselves in their future retirement years. And the aged images of people make those people better able to imagine their future selves as themselves and not as some unknown stranger and thus make them more inclined to save money to assist their future selves in their retirement years.

It is a cool article and has a short accompanying podcast.

Here’s the link:


Linda R.

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