Yesterday I happened upon a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talk about bionics. The relatively recent technological advancements in bionics impressed me, so I wanted to share them here. The speaker for this particular video is Hugh Herr, director of MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group, it is from March 2014, and is 19 minutes in length. When I searched for the group that Prof. Herr, Ph.D, spoke about, I stumbled upon a separate company called Ekso Bionics which makes exoskeletons designed for rehabilitation (which you might also find interesting).

Here at our library we have three 3D printers and we held a Helping Hands workshop to explore our capacity to print and assemble mechanical hands to contribute to the Enabling the Future cause. They turned out really neat! Check out the types of hands Enable has available here.

Yield from Helping Hands event

Many people feel unsettled by where bionic technology may take the human race. My take is mostly curious about and impressed by innovations like another invention I came across this weekend: Prosthesis the racing mech. I appreciate the perspective of innovation to amplify the capacity of human ingenuity and action, rather than replacing human ingenuity and action. That second aspect is, I think, what unsettles people the most. In the terms of a computer game called RimWorld, would you consider yourself a prosthophile (love it) or a prosthophobe (hate it), or somewhere in between?

Visit this Friday for a few more photos from the Helping Hands event!