Did You Know Your Library Offers You Digital Content! You may not know your library offers free access to e-books, digital audiobooks, streaming videos, free music and more! Checkout a narrated video on the subject!


5 Minute Tech: Google Chrome Settings: This tutorial clip walks you through how to customize your Google Chrome browsing experience by accessing the Chrome settings.


5 Minute Tech Windows Explorer & File Explorer: This tutorial clip discusses the differences between the Windows Explorer folder on Windows Vista & Windows 7 computers and the File Explorer Folder found on Windows 8 computers.


5 Minute Tech Clearing Web Browser History: Learn how to easily clear your web browsing history using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari browser.


5 Minute Tech Library Card Account Online Checkout History: This clip shows you how go into your StarCat account settings and turn on the option to have your check out history remembered. This is an extremely useful tool, especially if you like to read books in a series, because you’ll be able to see a list of the books you check out so you’ll know if you already checked out a book before you get it home!


5 Minute Tech Library Account Online: This clip walks Southern Tier Library System & thus Southeast Steuben County Library patrons through the steps to access their library account online.


5 Minute Tech Windows Wallpaper: This episode of our 5 Minute Tech shows you how to change your Microsoft Windows wallpaper theme if you’re using Windows 7 or 8.


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