The Joys of Word Processing Software & Spell Check & A Few Personal Tech News Articles of Interest

The Joys of Word Processing Software & Spell Check:

I have no idea at this point in time, how I ever managed to get through school, at least through grades K-12, without having access to both word processing software and spell check! And although there are a number of word processing software products out there I’m going to hereafter refer to word processing software by the name of what has traditionally been the most popular word processing software – Microsoft Word, or simply Word for short.

I’ve never been a great speller; all those i’s and e’s and other letters that appear in words but that don’t sound like they belong there!

It may have been the ITA system, or to give it is full and long name the Initial Teaching Alphabet system that the local school used to teach kids how to read in the early 1970s. I recall that the ITA system placed an emphasis on learning to read phonetically and learn to read I did and fast. And I’m sure hanging out in the library with my mother, who was always reading at home, didn’t hurt either as I loved to read and to read on my own from the time I was just a little tyke but spelling…Oh, what a nightmare!

I can recall reading a biography of Clara Barton with my mother as part of a elementary school project and for the life of me I could not get it in my head that Clara’s brother’s name was Stephen – I kept pronouncing it Stephanie! It sure looked like Stephanie to me…Maybe it would have helped if we had a Stephen or Stephanie in our family but we didn’t and we don’t! And then I thought I was saved from the dilemma of where the i’s and e’s went when they were near that sneaky letter c until I realized that that rule “i before e, except after c” had exceptions to it! Yikes!

As a grade school student I remember thinking good grief! This spelling thing sure is hard! Somehow though I got through school and even wrote all my school essays through the end of high school by hand in my semi-illegible scrawl.

Fast forward a few years into the mid-1990s when I got a late start to my college career and low and behold there was Word which featured spell check!

What a joy Word was and is!

I can type anything and everything I’d like to say and the text comes out shaped perfectly! And it doesn’t take me nearly half the time to type what I want to say as it would to hand write it. How wonderful! To this day I tend to type up notes and print them off for my co-workers instead of handwriting them because it is so, so, so much easier to type words than it is to write them! And my co-workers can read those notes too…

And Spell Check, wow, that is another great gift! I don’t know who invented spell check but he or she should have won a Noble Prize! I can run a Word spell check by simply hitting the F7 key on a PC or the Option + L key on a Mac and it is magic! My entire document will be checked for spelling errors and just plain old typos! I don’t know if I could ever have completed my graduate degree without having access to Word and spell check – that 40 page paper I wrote on the Holocaust alone would have done me in if I had had to write it all out by hand with a dictionary at my elbow. However, Word and spell check came to the rescue and continue to do so!

And Word & spell check are great examples of why I love technology as the great communications tool that it is!

Just think about it – you can type up a letter, an essay or even a book draft in Word and today you can then easily send it around the world in second via email, upload it to an instant publishing platform and have it published as an e-book in short order or even just type up a letter and print it off – no white out required! And you can do all of that in half the time it would take one to write out a similar document by hand and your document looks great and, if you’ve run a spell check, your document should have all those darned i’s and e’s just exactly where they ought to go especially when they crowd around that sneaky c!

Now granted, everyone should still proof read their documents if possible because, as we all know, the faster you type the more chance you have of getting an extra word or letter inserted where you don’t want it – and spell check is great as it does check for spelling and grammar errors; however, you can have a sentence that is spelled correctly that doesn’t have any grammatical errors in it but that still isn’t quite what you wanted to say and/or doesn’t quite make sense!

Like this one:

“However, you can have a sentence that is spelled correctly spelled correctly that does have any grammatical errors in it.”

Having said that though; I still sing the praises of Word and spell check because they make a great team and together they make it much, much easier than it used to be to create documents that can be easily read and sent across the globe in second and that is cool!

And as a post script, sometimes Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize a newer word in which case you should try Googling the word! That works quite well as Google will pop up a result that basically says we-don’t-have-a-word-listed-with-that -spelling –how-about -this -one – what and the new spelling then is liked by Word! For example, if you put the misspelled word “speling” into a Google search you’ll get a result that says “Showing results for spelling” and of course Google is right there are indeed to L’s in in the word spelling!

Few Personal Tech News Articles of Interest:

Suggested Reading Personal Tech Article 1) I came across a neat article over the weekend on the iDownloadBlog blog, titled The Best Apps For Learning Music, that features recommend iOS apps for the aspiring musician in three categories: Apps that are recommended if  you’re learning to play guitar or piano: GuitarBots, Piano Duster Buster and Chord! Apps that are recommended if you’re interested in learning to read or compose music: Ultimate Guitar Tabs, Chromatik and Musicnotes and Apps to add to your musician toolbox including: Cleartune, Tempo, Metronome & Tunable.

And as someone who learned to play a very basic guitar in the 1980s I concur with the blog author that apps like these do make it easier to learn. I even tune my guitar today with an app called Guitar Tuner and boy does it make it faster and easier to make sure my guitar is in perfect tune that simply trying to determine that by ear!

Here’s a link to the iDownloadBlog article if you’d like to check it out:

Suggested Reading: Personal Tech Article 2) The MacTrast site offers a brief article with helpful hits as to how you can see just which apps on your iPhone access with your iPhone microphone – which will give you a better of idea of which apps are “listening” to you!

The article is titled How To Control Which Apps Listen In on What You Say on Your iPhone – here’s the link:

Suggested Reading: Personal Tech Article 3) And that last article is from the OSXDaily site and is titled How to Enable AirPlay Mirroring in iOS 7 to Stream an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Display Wirelessly; and it offers a nice succinct how-to overview of how you stream content from your iPad to larger screens – here’s the link:

Have a great day!

Linda R.


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