Where To Find The .com key If Using iOS 7

Where To Find The .com key If Using iOS 7

Where To Find The .com key If Using iOS 7

Where To Find The .com Key in iOS 7: If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (5th Generation) and have just upgraded to the latest Apple mobile operating software iOS 7, then you may be wondering where the .com key went that used to be on the keyboard!

The .com key, which displayed when you were using the Safari web browser, used to be found at the bottom of the Apple keyboard under the letters.  And pressing this key allowed you to press one key to bring up online domain extensions including .com, .org and .edu– at least those are the Internet extensions you’ll see if you’ve got your keyboard set to display “English” – as your language.

And you’ll notice I’ve got the word “English” in prentices? That is because that just plain “English” keyboard setting probably should be termed “American English” and there are other keyboard settings including Spanish, Chinese, French and British English! So if you use the other keyboard language you’ll see the extensions and all the text display in the language you’ve selected – which is cool!

And I’m digressing in my technological enthusiasm!

The bottom line is that you can now access Internet extensions, so you don’t have to type out .com, .edu or .org, by holding down the period on your keyboard when you are using the Safari browser!

And if you’d like to see more pictures than the one included in this post check out the CNET article “Where to find the ‘.com’ button in Safari on iOS 7” – here’s the link:


25 Cool House Cleaning Gadgets!: Being the kind of girl that loves technology but not house hold cleaning chores; I’m thrilled with an article I came across today titled “Best 25 Gadgets to Keep Your House Clean.” The article shows off cool circular robot-like floor cleaners (iRobot), circular cleaners for carpet-less floors that double as cat toys (Robomop), automatic cat box cleaners (LitterMaid), a high tech trash compactor (Broan) and a magic sanitizing wand (Clean Wave) that you wave over keyboards and other surfaces to clean them among other neat gadgets.

Now granted, some of these high tech cleaning gadgets are a bit on the pricey side – the Broan Trash Compactor, which is supposed to cut down the bulk of your trash by 75% costs $800! However, that cool sanitizing wand cost less than $100. And all the cleaning gadgets are cool!

The article is I came across that showcases all these neat house hold cleaning gadgets is titled “Best 25 Gadgets to Keep Your House Clean” and is from the TP (aka Technology Personal) website. Here’s the link:


Have a great day!



Tyrsina, Radu. Best 25 Gadgets to Keep Your House Clean. (2013, October 3). TP. Online. Accessed October 3, 2013, http://techpp.com/2013/10/02/house-cleaning-gadgets/

Cipriani, Jason. (2013, September 19. Where to find the ‘.com’ button in Safari on iOS 7. CNET. Web. Accessed October 3, 2013, http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-57602657-285/where-to-find-the-.com-button-in-safari-on-ios-7/

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