Amazon Interviews Famous People, The New Google Nexus 7 Tablet & More On Google Chromecast

Amazon Interviews Famous People: Amazon has just launched a new series of its Kindle shorts. This new series of short e-books called “First Up” will feature interviews with famous people. And the first famous person interviewed for the series is former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Peres discusses a number of subjects from the expected ones regarding the history of Israel and the Middle East to unexpected ones which include Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook and brain science!

Here’s a link to a short Gigaom article on the new Kindle shorts titled “Amazon launches interview singles first up President of Israel:”

And a shortened link that will take you directly to the Amazon page for the Peres interview, which is officially titled “President Shimon Peres: The Kindle Singles Interview (Kindle Single),” if you want to know more:

The New Google Nexus 7 Tablet: At the same press event that Google hosted to unveil its Chromecast Wi-Fi streaming video device the company also unveiled a new Google Nexus 7—and this is notable because every single review I’ve seen of the new Nexus 7 tablet has been a positive one – many tech reviewers are even saying this tablet is better than the current version of the iPad Mini which costs quite a bit more. The Nexus 7 is going on sale shortly (you can pre-order one right now) for $229 and the entry level 8 GB iPad Mini sells brand new for $329 (although you can find reconditioned and guaranteed iPad Mini tablets in Apple’s outlet store for $279). All the reviewers are saying that the screen of the new Google Nexus is better and the processor is better – and overall the tablet is just better than the current model of the iPad Mini that was released in the fall of 2012 – although to be fair that tablet was better overall than the original Google Nexus tablet. And no doubt Apple will be refreshing the iPad Mini series later this year. However, if you want solid 7” tablet than you might want to consider the new Google Nexus.

Here’s a link to a CNET review of the Google Nexus which compares it to the current version of the iPad Mini:

More On Google Chromecast: And I was swamped yesterday so I didn’t really expound on why I think the Google Chromecast may just be one of the next big tech things! So let me elaborate just a ltitle bit. This device will easily allow people to send any videos or photos they have on their laptops or tablets to their HDTVs – wirelessly and it only costs $35! So if you want to watch any video content from the web that you can’t get through your cable box or streaming video player (i.e. Apple TV, Google TV, Roku) this new device will easily allow you to stream that content to your TV. And the device looks like a flash drive so it is a small device that simply fits into the HDMI input on the back of your TV and allows your laptop or tablet to easily talk to your TV and tell it to play the videos that you bring up on your laptop. So it is rather cool!

Here’s a link to a USA Today article on the subject which is probably a bit more accessible than the BBC article I cited yesterday. This one is called ‘Why Chromecast is such a big deal for Google;”

Have a great day!

Linda R.


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