Apple 4th Generation iPad with 128 Gigabytes Storage To Debut February 5th:  Earlier today Apple announced it will begin selling at 4th Generation iPad (that is the current edition) that offers double the maximum amount of storage space available on the highest end iPad right now. The new model will offer 128 gigabytes of storage and will make its sales debut on February 5. The Wi-Fi only version will cost $799 and the Wi-Fi and cellular version will sell for $929.

Currently Apple sells the iPad (that is the larger iPad and not the iPad Mini) with three storage options:

16 GB versions cost $499 for the Wi-Fi only model and $629 for the Wi-Fi and cellular version

32 GB versions cost $599 for Wi-Fi only model and $729 for the Wi-Fi and cellular version

And the current highest storage capacity model (until next week!) is the 64 GB model which also comes in a Wi-Fi only version for $699 and a Wi-Fi and cellular version for $829.

On a related note it is also widely expected that Apple will introduce a new 5th Generation iPad sometime this year.

Here’s a link to a CNET article which offers a bit more info on the new larger capacity iPad that is due next week – the article is titled Apple iPad Jumps to 128GB Starting At $799:$799/

Microsoft Office 2013 (AKA Office 365): Microsoft’s Office 2013 suite goes on sale today. And the suite is known both as “Office 2013” (the stand alone version) and as “Office 365” (the subscription version). The reviews I’ve read of the new suite so far have been positive and the CNET reviewer really likes the functionality of the new suite. It is notable that the biggest change to Office is that there are now two versions one that you can purchase as a standalone version or a subscription version (which I found it in the Amazon Software Download Store titled “Office 365”). The benefit of the latter is that you’ll get continuous updates to software contained in the suite and you should be able to access the software from any computer with an Internet connection since the online suite is stored in the cloud – so you should be able to access your documents from any device that has an Internet connection.

And here’s a link an in-depth CNET review of the new software suite:

Have a great day!

Linda R.


Cheng, Roger. (2013, January 29). Apple iPad jumps to 128GB, starting at $799: It’s still the fourth-generation device, but beefier. A cellular-enabled version of the higher-capacity iPad costs $929. CNET. Online.

CNET Editors. (2013, January 29.) Microsoft Office 2013 review: Designed for tablets, but great for everyone. CNET. Online.


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