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SSCL Tech Talk Blog Posting #1!

Hello everyone, technology is a very hot topic in library land today!

And since staff at the Southeast Steuben County Library love technology and welcome technology usage questions and, correspondingly, answer many technology usage questions each week; we thought we’d start a technology blog that will allow staff members to post clarifying information about the sometimes confusing word of computers and technology, to answer tech related questions posted by patrons and to offer notable tech news.

And to kick off our Tech Talk blog I thought I’d let everyone know that we offer many technology classes that include ones on how to use a computer or Mac, how to use an eBook reader, how to use an iPad, how to use Microsoft Excel, how to use social media and tips on using digital music software like Apple’s iTunes.

Some of the specific questions we have recently answered include:

How do I add apps to my iPad?

How do I create an email address?

How do I create a resume in Word?

How do I download free library eBooks to my Kindle (or nook, or iPad etc)?

How do I put new eBooks on my Nook?

& how do I save my document to a flash drive?

So if you have any tech questions feel free to post them on this blog and we will reply!

Thanks for reading our tech blog!

—Linda R. SSCL